Fear, Kidneys & Letting Go

Posted on November 28, 2014

What are you afraid of, I mean really afraid of? What holds you prisoner? What would you do if money, time constraints, and the expectations of others were not issues? (And why the heck are they issues anyway)?! Are you living your life in a way that you are proud to model for your children? Would your wishes for them be fulfilled if they adopted your patterns? Have you created a well lived life that would leave you with no regrets if you found yourself on your deathbed tomorrow? What are your priorities? Do your words, thoughts, and actions line up with them? If not, why?

Take a moment and really play out the scenario. Are you living your best life possible? Do you feel joyful and alive? If not, what do you want to change?

What would it look like if you stopped giving your time and energy to people and systems that teach you how not to think, speak, or behave? What if you decided to stop jumping through hoops, to stop trying to live up to others' expectations, to stop doing things that you don’t care about, and to stop justifying things that waste your precious life energy? What if you decided to weigh your options a little differently from here on out before making decisions, to stop functioning on autopilot, and to start making choices that move you closer to your goals? What do you need to walk away from? What do you need to seek out and embrace?

The Zombie Apocalypse is Now

Posted on November 22, 2014

So many recently popular movies portray this exact scene: mindless zombies taking over while a small group of people with their wits intact fight the insanity. At risk of sounding like an alarmist, it dawns on me that this time really is now.    

After eleven years of being out of the regular working world, meaning the nine to five daily grind, I recently decided to give it a go again. I love what I do in health and wellness but had the thought that maybe the 80 hours work weeks with self employment were getting to be too much; maybe it would be really nice to have a regular, steady paycheck; maybe not having a real job with health insurance and other benefits was going to be detrimental later on.

What I found has shocked me and not in a good way. The experience of this transition has reminded me why I walked away from that world eleven years ago. If you know anything about my past, you know I ended up in the field of integrative health partially because of a long history with fibromyalgia. But over the years, I have learned to see the symptoms as a compass, not a curse.